Marampa Iron Ore Project

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Ausenco was contracted to provide a program of work which delivers both operational readiness, and a complete and customised training program to support the operation of the Marampa beneficiation plant and port facility for London Mining in Sierra Leone.

Operational Readiness

Operational readiness includes the preparation of operational systems and procedures such as safe work instructions to ensure that the plant can be operated in an efficient and safe manner.

Key activities include:

  • Operations systems, processes, and supporting documentation development.
  • Training client personnel on systems and processes
  • Transition of responsibility/ownership of the systems and processes to client

Maintenance Readiness

Maintenance readiness incorporates preparatory planning and development of maintenance systems and processes for both the beneficiation plant and the port loading facility assets to provide robust maintenance management capability. This is achieved by providing highly experienced maintenance professionals to develop the maintenance management framework, systems, documentation and maintenance planning routines. This information is then loaded into the CMMS to allow for scheduled maintenance activities and maintenance data capture.

Key activities include:

  • Maintenance systems, processes, and supporting documentation development such as:
    • Criticality analysis
    • Maintenance schedules
  • Training client personnel on systems and processes
  • Transition of responsibility of the systems to the client

Processing Readiness

Processing readiness facilitates early safe plant operations to allow the team to hit the ground running when the plant is commissioned.

Processing readiness involves providing the necessary operating systems and processes and the required training to ensure operating team members understand the key aspects of the plants control functions to ensure consistent product quality.

Commissioning activities

The commissioning activities being provided include the following phases:

  • Preparation of a commissioning plan and vendor liaison
  • Team mobilisation to site
  • Installation and design verification checks
  • No-load, or water testing, of the equipment
  • Functional testing of the circuits
  • Commissioning documentation and client acceptance
  • Handover to the owners’ project manager.

Project details

Operational readiness
Iron ore
Sierra Leone
Business line
Program Management
London Mining
2010 - 2011
Solution phase
Optimise (Operations & Maintenance)
Project value