Alliance Contracts

Alliance Contracts

At Ausenco we tailor our solutions and contracting options to best meet the needs of our clients. One option is for us to enter into a formal or informal alliance with a client for a particular project, packages or entire program of work across multiple projects. Engaging us this way delivers many benefits for clients including access to Ausenco’s experience, geographic footprint, processes and people who already understand the client’s requirements, culture and processes.

Other benefits of forming an alliance include:

  • Improved project delivery efficiency by maintaining institutional knowledge while providing the flexibility to size the workforce to suit workload fluctuations
  • The client’s IP, processes and procedures are well understood and work is simplified and expedited
  • Ability for Ausenco to ensure key personnel with requisite experience and expertise are readily available as required
  • Access to the broader Ausenco IP and organisation to identify opportunities for improvement and quickly solve specific project issues
  • New elements of work can be undertaken without the need for continual bidding processes which can be costly and time consuming for clients
  • Teamwork and cooperation between client and Ausenco is developed over time and improves outcomes through common goals
  • Mobilisation of the team onto a new project assignment is quick and efficient, without the need for extended negotiations.

Like all partnerships, strategic alliances are governed by formal arrangements, and are most successful when the parties create an approach based on team work, risk sharing, problem solving and reward transparency, cooperation and joint success.

At Ausenco we believe the defining principles of an alliance are:

  • Strong leadership team comprising members of both parties
  • Clear accountability and authority
  • Non-adversarial commercial framework
  • Risk and reward shared by all
  • Up-front agreement on operating protocols, policies, and procedures
  • Alignment of HSEC principles
  • Financial transparency.

By embracing these principles we can successfully unlock the alliance synergies and work together to create shareholder value.

If you are interested in learning more about alliance strategies, please contact:

Ron Douglas

EVP, Global Project Delivery

Thys Terblanche

VP, Business Development Minerals & Metals, North America

Mario Marchese

VP, Business Development, South America